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Drawing on years of experience in providing functional solutions for the pharmaceutical market, we understand the needs of hospitals and patients in them.

We offer technologically advanced system of hospital television.

It is an advanced system based on the latest LCD panels from reputable companies and modern payment systems. We offer a complete assembly and operation of the system without involving time and financial resources of the hospital.

As we are specialists in professional service during all kinds of corporate events, we also offer a professional, wireless voting system VOTIK. It is an effective statistical tool that allows – up to 500 people – to vote during conferences, business meetings, competitions, general meetings of shareholders, television programmes or in university senates. Easy to use, giving immediate results VOTIK system is an indispensable tool at each large corporate event.

On the Polish market we also distribute cosmetics for the hands – Nicofix ™ and NO-GERMS.

Nicofix ™ is a moisturizing hand gel that contains natural extracts of tobacco, which effectively supports the fight against nicotine addiction.

NO-GERMS is effective, not requiring water use antibacterial gel, which eliminates the most common germs in 99.9% in just 15 seconds.
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